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OQO to Launch "Something New" on December 3

Illustration for article titled OQO to Launch Something New on December 3

We just got a mysterious invite to a party in swinging London: an "exclusive pre-launch unveiling" of a "significant Anytime/Anywhere Computing" product. God only knows what it could be. The pic above, which came in the e-mail, depicts the popular OQO model 02 UMPC—called E2 in Europe because of the O2 cellular carrier. We're told this is not just an update to the 02, but "something new." What do you suppose it could be? [OQO]


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We have been REALLY trying to find a reason to buy one of these things (and/or the Sony UX) to replace our 3 year old Sony Picturebook. However, no matter how much we tried justifying it, we can't seem to pull the trigger on the purchase.

Paying $2k for what we would basically use an iPhone for (websurfing on a small screen, email, etc...) just doesn't seem to be worth it. Anyone out there with a real world use-case for the UMPCs?