Oracle Calls HP Lawsuit "Vindictive" and Damaging to Partnership

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Earlier we heard that HP is suing its former CEO, Mark Hurd, to protect trade secrets. Now we're hearing the harsh response coming from Hurd's new employer, Oracle:

"Oracle has long viewed HP as an important partner," said Oracle CEO Larry Ellison. "By filing this vindictive lawsuit against Oracle and Mark Hurd, the HP board is acting with utter disregard for that partnership, our joint customers, and their own shareholders and employees. The HP Board is making it virtually impossible for Oracle and HP to continue to cooperate and work together in the IT marketplace."


Harsh words. [Oracle]

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Come on, get real, HP and Oracle haven't had a working partnership since the moment Oracle announced the Sun deal and they put the last nail in that coffin when they threw the HP based Exadata under the bus in favor of a version based on their own hardware. Whatever appearances of partnership they may have is just a propped up corpse anyway.

Anyone with 6 firing neurons who's been watching the industry has got to have figured out that HP is instead getting even more cozy with SAP (that is when they can nudge IBM out of the way) and here's the real point of all of this, Hurd is going to be privy to the gory details of any discussions HP and SAP have been having.

Someone needs to remind Larry that he's beholding to shareholders, who may not be that impressed with him handing responsibility to a guy who, no matter what else he may have done, got caught falsifying expenses.