Illustration for article titled Orb PC Speakers Come With an Amplifier and a Choice of Metal Finishes

Orb's first PC speakers come with a 15W Class T amplifier, so even if you've got them paired up to a crummy Dell your audio output won't be too compromised.

There's a couple of options for the speakers—choose the Mod1 which costs $299 for the two speakers and amp, or spend a bit more ($359 in total) if you'd rather an antique copper, bronze or polished steel to match your steampunk set-up. The next step up is the Mod2, which has two ball-shaped parts to each speaker for more bass. These cost $149 more if you want the standard black color, or $209 more if you want one of the fancy metallic shades.


My personal opinion is that the cheaper black option looks dead cheap and no better than your average Logitech pair, so it'd be worth springing $359 for the copper, bronze or steel models. [Orb via Slashgear]

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