Origami Experience Requires a UMPC on Steroids

We were hoping that Microsoft's Origami Experience would add a dash of color to our otherwise drab UMPCs, but from the looks of this video, that doesn't seem to be the case. In fact, it looks like Origami does the opposite—slowing your UMPC down to a crawl. Granted, the interface is easy on the eyes, but the lag times are horrible (at least they are on this 1st Gen UMPC) and nothing seems to work the way it should. Check out the video for yourself.

First Look: Vista Origami Experience Pack [TechEBlog]


I dunno..methinks that the 'power user' who shot this video botched the installation/configuration somehow (incorrect drivers, wrong settings, failure to properly import media w/ DRM, etc.) Hell, he didn't even get his wifi connection set up properly.

This video shows quite a different experience. And the better performance shown is on an R2H, which (I believe) maxes out at 1280MB of RAM (although the video could very well have been shot on one with the standard 768MB of RAM) and has a 900MHz ULV Celeron M processor, with Intel GMA 900 graphics.