Oscar Isaac May Be Marvel's Moon Knight

Oscar Isaac. Moon Knight. For real.
Oscar Isaac. Moon Knight. For real.
Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images, Matteo Scalera/Marvel Comics (Getty Images)

This is not a drill. Repeat, this is not a drill. Oscar Isaac is getting his own Marvel show.


The excellent, dashing, Star Wars and Dune star is in talks to play the lead in Moon Knight, which is one of the upcoming Marvel Studios shows heading to Disney+. Deadline first reported the news which, yes, means Isaac is likely to be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Jeremy Slater (Fantastic Four, The Exorcist) is developing the show though no directors have been attached yet nor is there a start date.

In the comics, Moon Knight is usually Marc Spector, a man who infiltrates the criminal underworld using multiple personas and is powered by the Egyptian moon god Khonshu. As is usually the case, different writers and artists have put their own spin on the basic idea and it’s expected the show will do the same.

And while you may want to forget this, Isaac isn’t a stranger to Marvel. He played Apocalypse in the disastrous X-Men: Apocalypse. However, under the umbrella of Marvel Studios and its president Kevin Feige, it seems very likely Moon Knight will be much, much better than that.

Isaac joining Moon Knight is the latest huge piece of news for the second slate of Marvel Disney+ shows. The first batch of live action shows—WandaVision, The Falcon and Winter Soldier, Loki—are either in production now or already completed. There’s then a second slate which includes Hawkeye, Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, and Moon Knight. Each of those recently gained their stars, news which signals things are full speed ahead on the future of Marvel, its streaming shows, and the cinematic universe to which they all belong.

Plus, he’s Oscar Isaac. We’d watch him read the phone book. To see him play this conflicted, amazing superhero is something you can’t not be excited about.


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Yeah, and six months ago it was Daniel Radcliffe. I’ll believe it when there’s confirmation, especially since I don’t see a big movie megastar like Isaac committing to an ongoing streaming show.