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Ouija Movie Trailer Tricks Kids Into Playing A Board Game

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

OK, hear me out: I'm actually pretty excited about the horror movie Ouija, because it reminds me of glut of '90s and '00s horror movies centered around a problem that could easily be avoided by leaving said problem alone. Also, I'm just surprised these younglings know what a Ouija board is!

The premise is simple: a Ouija board eats a girl and her friends must fight it to bring her back. LOL, JK—she's dead and never coming back because ghosts! Of all the Hasbro and Mattel sponsored movies, this one I'm OK with because Ouija still scares me. And I'm an adult. This is probably because my youth pastor once told me Ouija boards were a legitimate way to phone the devil. Yikes!


Ouija will hit theaters on October 24th.