Our Apple iPad HD Liveblog Starts Now

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Oh joy! It's Apple announcement time again. We know you've got a lot of live blog options, but we hope you'll join us on our super meta iPad HD Liveblog with your hosts, Brian Barrett and Mat Honan.


We're expecting Apple's Retina Display to show up in the new iPad, LTE to have a decent chance, and hopefully a few other features that are just delightful. Will there also be a new Apple TV? A helper robot that cleans your home and washes your car? Who knows!? I guess we will see. Liveblog and posts will be updated constantly throughout the day, so keep checking back!

We're already underway now on the liveblog, while the event itself kicks off 1:00 PM Eastern time. If you want to comment on the action, you can do so in this thread. [iPad HD Live Blog]

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Anyone else tired of the sarcasm being seen on many of the liveblogs?

Yes, things go by the book at an Apple event, we get it. You don't have to act all faux-amazed when they say something you expected. There already was a post about that.