Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

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This week may have been all about new phones, but that doesn't mean your current glowing rectangle is left in the lurch. We've got some fine new apps for your Android, iPhone, or Windows Phone, because we like you just the way you are.




The Everything Store added some neat new features to its Android app this week. Now, Prime members can watch instant video directly from the buy page with Prime Instant Video Player. And now you can scan barcodes in the real world and buy directly from Amazon. Sweet! [Free]

Send Anywhere


Sharing files across different devices is a pain, moreso when those devices run different operating systems. Send Anywhere lets you share files with anyone by sending them a six-digit PIN that lets them download your file. Windows users also get the added benefit of remote file management from an Android device. [Free]



Paired with a Qardio wearable blood pressure monitor, this app makes getting clinical-grade blood pressure measurements effortless. Wear the Bluetooth armband, and your phone will remind you when it's time to measure. The app stores all your measurements, making them easy to track and share with your healthcare providers. [Free]




Like a more fine-featured Instagram, Cinamatic lets you record three-to-15-second videos, apply filters and effects, and share your moving masterpiece with the world. This week's update adds 16:9 format for an even more movie-like feel, along with support for sharing to Vimeo and cinematic contests for your chance to win prizes! [Free]

Wedding Dress Studio


This VR-powered iPad app from Wedding Realty lets you upload a photo of yourself to virtually try on hundreds of wedding dresses, or create your own look. Choose your silhouette, neckline, fabric, and decorations, and customize to your heart's content. When you've landed on your look, you can save the design or share it on social media. [Free]

Yahoo News Digest


Newly revamped this week with an additional iPad-optimized layout, Yahoo News Digest brings you a twice-a-day journal distilling the most important news of the morning and evening. This week also adds a weekly video segment from Katie Couric, focusing on the longer-trending important stories to give you a step back from the rush of the 24 hour news cycle. [Free]

Windows Phone



There is still, I'm afraid, no official Windows Phone app from Secret. This week, however, developer Rudy Huyn brings us this clean, easy-to-use Secret client. Send and reply to anonymous admissions from your friends, or spread them around your whole network to let them go viral. Who said anonymity is dead? [ Free]

Atmosphere Weather


Fresh from a thorough revamp, Atmosphere Weather brings you minute-by-minute forecasts, live HD radar (in the U.S.), and a Live Tile display in a deeply customizable, eye-pleasing design. Now you'll never walk out of the house wearing the wrong attire. [$1]



Stay up-to-date with the latest world news, or create your own report from the field, with CNN's newly-updated app. If you're on the ground where news is happening, CNN's app now supports the Lumia camera, letting you file an iReport right from your phone. [Free]