Lego fans should be pretty excited for the upcoming Lego Dimensions video game, if only because it’s an easy way to justify buying more and more Lego sets. Used to unlock additional content like levels, characters, and figures, these are some of the first expansion packs you’ll be able to buy come September and import using the game’s included Lego Toy Pad.

The $30 Back to the Future set, with its adorably tiny time-traveling DeLorean, is called a Level Pack because it unlocks the game’s Hill Valley level. But the cheaper $15 Fun Packs that include a single minifig and Lego toy only unlock additional characters and vehicles in the game.


So if you’re a completist who likes to unlock everything a game has to offer, Lego Dimensions is going to end up being a very expensive quest. But unlike some additional content that is nothing but a digital download, at least with this you’re able to grow your Lego collection at the same time. [Prima Games via GoNintendo]

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