Our New Favorite Tumblr: 'Shit My Reviewers Say'

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The scientific peer review process may be broken, but the ruthless, strange, and nonsensical responses that it's known to elicit are pure, cathartic gold.


"Shit My Reviewers Say" is a tumblr dedicated to documenting "the harsh, the weird, the passive aggressive, the active aggressive and the downright mean comments practicing scientists receive on a regular basis," and it is amazing. (It's also on Twitter.) Some highlights:

"I am afraid this manuscript may contribute not so much towards the field's advancement as much as toward its eventual demise."

"The author's spelling of coordinate, while technically correct, is arcane and annoying."

"The writing and data presentation are so bad that I had to leave work and go home early and then spend time to wonder what life is about."

"I now have had a chance to look at this paper. I think it is a bit of a joke."

"This technique will never work."

"The rest of this review operates from the assumption that this paper is a sincere attempt at scientific evidence and argument."

"This paper is desperate. Please reject it completely and then block the author's email ID so they can't use the online system in the future."

"I now turn to my best guess about what the authors might be doing."

"So, what is the point of this?"

"This kind of prose simply borders on cruelty against the reader. And finally comes the conclusion, which is the intellectual equivalent of bubblegum."

"This needs some rephrasing—it's loaded with the assumption that there is a real world."

"The findings are not novel and the solution induces despair."

"To me the question is uninteresting."

"This would be a stronger article if its tone were less polemical and more analytical. The following paragraph, for example, will strike many of your readers as shrill. They will stop reading the article and throw it into the fire."

Tons more at shitmyreviewerssay.tumblr.com



I read a few pages of this and realized than almost all of them could be randomly dropped into a Kinja blog about cosplay and nobody would ever think they didn't belong there.