Over-Engineered Trays Create Crystal Clear Ice—One Cube At a Time

If you prefer your ice cubes to be free of cloudy bubbles and have loads of free time on your hands, the Polar Ice Cube Tray promises frozen perfection, one ice cube at a time.

In nature ice is formed layer by layer from the top, pushing impurities and bubbles down as it freezes. But in an ice cube tray inside a freezer, the cold comes from all sides resulting in a cloudy and unappealing frozen block. So the Polar tray mimics mother nature with an insulated design that only lets the ice freeze from the top. Once the water is completely frozen, the cube can be removed and the opaque ice at the bottom can be shaved off.


That's right. Not only does this $19 tray only make a single cube at a time, in a square, rock, or triangle shape, but you still have to clean up the results when it's done. Now we're all about doing whatever it takes to impress party guests, but if you want enough perfect ice to last for your entire Fourth of July shindig, you better get started right now. [ThinkGeek]

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