A Las Vegas based company called Synchrome Technology has filed a lawsuit against Microsoft and DVD burner maker NEC Corporation for infringing on its patents:

The lawsuit says two individuals, Faan-Hoan Liu and Jorge Gustavson, in 1998 and in 2001 obtained U.S. patents for "Method and Apparatus for Allowing Communication Between a Host Computer and At Least Two Storage Devices Over a Single Interface." The patents were later assigned to Synchrome.

Synchrome claims the Xbox and NEC's ND-3550A burner infringe on its patents.

It's worth noting that this certainly isn't Synchrome's first court room dance as the company has filed patent infringement suits against plenty of tech companies recently including " LG Electronics USA Inc., Samsung Electronics America Inc., Toshiba America Information Systems Inc. and Panasonic Corp. of North America." [Las Vegas Sun]


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