Overly Sensitive Populace Leads Microsoft to Kill "Sexting" Kin Ad

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In an otherwise unremarkable Microsoft Kin ad (complete with ironically dressed hipsters!), an of-age man snaps a quick shot of his chest and sends it to a girl. In the aftermath of this atrocity America's youth was threatened.

Oh wait, no it wasn't. But Consumer Reports thinks it was, because the candid act sort of resembled something sinister that kids will continue to do whether this ad was made or not: sexting!

Earlier this week the watchdog group said the ad—a new one shot in the "I'm barely trying" grainy style Microsoft's decided to use to sell their social networking phones—was weird and maybe kinda promoted sexting. If we don't consider beaches, where men flaunt their bare chests with reckless abandon each and every summer, this is totally true!

Fearing youths would connect the dots between bare man chest and bare woman chest, all while not noticing their report may actually do that for them, CR asked that MS pull the ad.


The ad was harmless, kitschy fare that threatened no one but those of us who have severe allergic reactions to skinny jeans and silly hats. All moot points, of course, as today the ad's been yanked and will be edited by Microsoft's PC police. [Microsoft via CNET]