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OWC Announces 1 Terabyte FireWire Drive

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This isn't the first and this definitely won't be the last terabyte drive out there but OWC has introduced a dual-drive RAID system for $979.99. I just want us all to sit back and think on things for a moment. My first PC had a 10MB disk drive. Then I got a 40MB. Then I got a few GB, then maybe 20GB. Now, however, we have a terabyte. There it is, folks. Now we know why Longhorn is taking so long. Microsoft has to fill a three fourths a terabyte of disk space with their new operating system, leaving one fourth of the drive for WMA files. They have to do "busy code" just to fill the space. They're sticking in extra file systems, just for kicks. There's even a secret mod that shows you pictures of Bill and Melinda sipping on some hot coffee.


In all seriousness, what's next? We're approaching the end of the platter approach, even with perpendicular read heads and all that. What will the 20-TB drive look like? A blob of organic goo?

Product Page [MacSales]

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