Own the Soviet Space Shuttle, Just $500K

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Look what you just missed on eBay: an exact 1/8 scale model of the Soviet Space Shuttle Buran. The BOR-5 is 15'6" long with a 9'10" wingspread, and was actually used by the Soviets for aerodynamic testing between 1983 and 1988. That's right, they launched this baby a few times, sending it up over 50 miles high at Mach 18.5, and then landed it back on the earth using a parachute. That might explain why it looks so beat up.


Perhaps this might be a collector's item for someone, but an object of this size might be difficult to store or display. Maybe that's why it didn't sell—the high bid of $98,000 didn't meet the reserve, and there weren't any takers for that Buy It Now price of $500,000, either. So maybe it s not too late after all!

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