Own Your Own Robot Killing Machine

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Okay, I'll agree: It sounds like a great idea to own your own replica Cylon from Battlestar Galactica right now, but we'll see if you still feel the same when it turns out that you've accidentally brought a seven-foot-tall "frakking" killer into your house in some kind of Trojan Horse collectible replica trick that'll end up allowing for the systematic destruction of rich geeks the world over by our new robot overlords. Details about this potentially deadly scam under the jump.


The lifesize replicas of Galactica's villainous mechanoids - available in both Glen A. Larson Original and Ron D. Moore Updated flavors - are the latest creations of Fred Barton, who describes himself as "America's Robotman". Barton's company, Fred Barton Productions, produces "museum quality, famous movie and television robot replicas, sought internationally by private collectors and museums," and now they're turning their attention to... well, this:

The Cylon Centurion replicas were both molded and hand-sculpted to perfection in Barton's Los Angeles studios using an original costume from the 1970s and a computer generated, automated foam-cut Cylon, which was scaled to the imposing height of seven feet. The body is made of 100% fiberglass. The classic Cylon Centurion boasts a "reflective showroom finish," while the Cylon from the current series bears a "distressed multi-tone finish." Both incorporate synchronized stereo sound and lighting effects, advanced electronics and red LED light effects.

Yes, that's right — Those long-incomplete "Original Starbuck meets new Starbuck in a Cylon concentration camp and they can only keep warm by taking off their clothes and making sweet sweet love under the watchful gaze of their robot captors" cosplay nights can now be more complete than you ever imagined, and only for the admittedly substantial price of $7900. Pricey, yes, but somewhere out there, someone just read that last sentence and thought to themselves "Finally, my dreams can come true."

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I'd rather have a Six clone but if some folks want a metal doorstop that's fine with me.