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P2POD: A P2P Media Streaming Box

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Though not the first of its kind, the P2POD box is a neat idea from Holland-based AHT International. The Delft University of Technology developed the software and will show the box at this year's CeBIT. The box allows content distribution as well as love video streaming over peer-to-peer networks.


So, every time you add a P2POD to a P2POD software client, the quality and speed of the services gets better. So you can obviously get A/V content from all kinds of sources, but send it out as well to other P2POD users. The maximum video resolution is 1920x1080 (full HDTV), supports Microsoft Windows Media DRM and comes with a HDMI port. Should be out by 3rd quarter of this year for about $150.

P2POD - P2P HDTV Media Player [i4u]

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