Pacifc Rim featurette shows off the humans inside the giant robots

While we're all super excited to watch giant monsters fighting giant robots in Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim, we're also very excited about seeing Charlie Day on the big screen acting opposite Ron Perlman. And in this brand new featurette, we get to know the humans a bit better.



Well this was smart, to look at the human side of the story. Otherwise we get "Transformers with people inside!" and we know how much Transformers sucked.

I enjoyed watching it but it was sterile. I had no emotional attachment to the robots.

I hope that we get a glimpse of a sense of despair from the people after 20 years of fighting. But I also want to know, "Why couldn't we just nuke them?" I'm sure they will have some handwaving reason that we couldn't use nukes, but seriously that is my first suspension of disbelief I want to know. If not Nukes "Radiation!" . What about rail guns showing massive bunker buster fuel bombs covered with depleted uranium or viral/fungal/gas weapons.

"If it bleeds we can kill it."