Palm App Catalog Just As Crappy for Developers As the App Store

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I know Palm is fond of emulating Apple in certain respects, but why they're also copying the App Store's developer-hostility is beyond me. Jamie Zawinski's epic quest to get his free, open source applications into the App Catalog is maddening.


• It's a corporate policy all apps use a version number of less than 1.0.0
• Ten pages of legal documents to print out, sign and scan
• If an app is in the App Catalog, it can't be distributed anywhere else—a problem, because Zawinski's apps are open source and free
• Developers need a verified PayPal account to pay Palm $99 a year to distribute their apps
• A whole mess of reviews and re-reviews
• 27 emails and months later, the apps are still in limbo


On the bright side, at least Palm actually replied to some of the emails. [jwz via Daring Fireball]

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Jim Topoleski

The Apple App store is not at all hostile if you document your work and follow directions.

Even Googles App store is a lot more of a pain in the ass to publish from for Android than Apple has made their system into. There are exceptions, but I would hardly call it developer-hostile based on how many apps it has.

Developer hostile systems REGARDLESS of their penetration in a market do not get developed on. All you have to do is look at the current gaming system wars to see this fact.