This Indecisive Smartphone Can Run Android, Windows, or Firefox OS

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Not sure what mobile operating system to settle down and start a life with? The new Alcatel Pixi 3 doesn't know either, so it can run everything: Windows Phone, Firefox OS, or Android.


The Pixi doesn't run all these operating systems at once or anything; which one you want is a choice you'll have to make when you buy one. But adding to the variety, the new Pixi comes 3.5-inch, 4-inch, 4.5-inch, and 5-inches alongside the choices of operating system. The only catch is that the tiny 3.5-inch version won't have LTE. Still, that's an ass-ton of variety.

Other details about the phone—like its specs—aren't coming out until CES proper, and chances are they won't be anything mind-blowing, and you're probably going to be better off just buying a phone that's made up its mind about what operating system it wants to run. It's still fun to see a phone so willing to play the field. The only question is since Alcatel is now the owner for the good old "Palm" brand, are we going to see one of these running WebOS?! (No, no we're not. But maybe an Android one!) [Alcatel via The Verge]



This would be really slick if they also release some software to let you reflash your phone to one of the other OSes at home. I know no company would really support that as too many people would screw up their phones but it would be cool to decide to change your OS for a few weeks then go back later.