Palm Treo 750 Runs Windows Mobile 6 Pretty Well

Cingular users who picked up a Palm Treo 750 will be glad to know that the phone runs Windows Mobile 6 with very little trouble. Ciccone over at Mobility Today got his hands on an engineering sample from HTC and made this video of the phone using WM6 instead of WM5.


So what's notable? Well, you can see that WM6 fully supports 3G, the Windows Live stuff works well, and everything seems faster. Check out the video to see for yourself. Then go and write a letter to AT&T/Cingular to ask them to hurry up with this WM6 update.

Video Review: Palm Treo 750 & Windows Mobile 6 [Mobility Today]


"Error Reporting" is there, I can figure out some n00bs paying for the internet acess just to send a report. Feed Bill's databases and Cingular's pocket too!