Palm Treo 750 Will Be Upgradeable to Windows Mobile 6 Later This Year, Adding HSDPA

In case anyone cared, it's now official. That is all.

Treo 750 Review [Wireless Info]

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Actually, jvantuno, my impression is that Giz likes Palm, but is disappointed in how consistently they miss opportunities. The Treo is almost always the yardstick for every "business class" phone introduced. But it's also pretty unchanged from it's intital introduction back when it was a Handspring. The message I take from this post is that there is still life in Palm, even if it seems they've purposely made the worst decision 3 out of every 4 times.

And I'd buy a Palm OS Treo before I bought a Windows Treo any time. But the Palm OS is (always) a bit dated.

I also wistfully recall those old rumors of Apple being interested in buying Pam to make the Treo into the iPhone. [sigh]