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Apparently Russell Crow's new movie, A Good Year, features some cool technology to compliment the bad acting. Specifically, a Palm Treo (model unknown) plays a key role in the film. Here's what Fred Baron, a VP of 20th Century Fox, had to say about Russell's Treo:

"Every once in a while, there's a prop that helps define a character, and the Treo is his..."


Only a Palm Treo could inspire Crowe more than his standard jagged-glass-bottle-smashing-someone's-head-after-a-night-of-heavy-drinking prop.

Oh Russell Crow, we only make fun of you because it's the only way to show affection. And affection is the only way you won't beat us up, probably ruining a great gadget in the process...along with our extremely lower intestines.

Treo Plays Prominent Role... [digitalproducer]