Palm Treo Pro Finds A US Carrier, Is It AT&T?

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Palm announced in their quarterly call that it had found an unnamed carrier to sell their new Treo Pro, but declined to mention who, specifically, would peddle the $550 phone (at a potentially subsidized cost). WM Experts seem to think the carrier will be AT&T, which makes enough sense, since AT&T tends to get the big Palm GSM phones first in the US.


Though details on pricing and availability were scant, WM Experts thinks it won't hit until December at the earliest (due to AT&T's leaked roadmap today), and Wired believes the subsidized price that comes along with being locked on the AT&T network will bring it down into the 200-300 dollar range. So far, however, this is all speculation. [WM Experts via BGR via Gadget Lab]

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Wow that's super.

Should I be looking to third party developers for things like the ability to see and use a memory card above 2GB?

Because that kind of hokey BS is probably what you should be expecting from the dried up re-packaging re-branding lake bed that is whats left of Palm.

Enjoy! :\