Panasonic iPod Merge Inflight Entertainment Will Integrate with Your iPhone, iPod, Digital Camera

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According to Mary RunwayGirl Kirby—I call her Freckles myself—you will be able to use Panasonic's new iPod Merge inflight entertainment system to access your digital camera photos and fully access your iPod as early as this fall.

According to Panasonic, iPod merge is not just a connector for the iPod, but gives you full access to your iPod multimedia content—including music and images—using a dedicated user interface integrated in their inflight entertainment system:

Panasonic's technology roadmap calls for introduction of iPod merge, which goes a step further then basic iPod connectivity by allowing content metadata to be integrated or "consumed" into the graphical user interface (GUI) and displayed to the passenger via the IFE screen.


As you can see in the image, it also connects to digital cameras via USB, allowing you to extend your vacation a little more by seeing your fresh pictures on your way back home, and providing the rest of the passengers with hours of laughter and entertainment. [Runway Girl]