Panasonic Keeps You on Track with its First GPS System

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We're always getting lost, so the more in-car GPS systems we can choose from, the better. The Strada CN-NVD905U is Panasonic's first all-in-one system coupling a 7-inch touch-screen LCD with a generous 30GB hard drive and built-in DVD drive. It'll come pre-loaded with maps of North America and also support Sirius Satellite Radio, letting Sirius subscribers get up-to-the-minute traffic reports. Pricing isn't available (the device isn't expected to ship till Spring 2007), but if we drove more often, we'd want this in our car.

Panasonic Previews its First in-car Navigation System [via Electronista]

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Pioneer, Kenwood, and Eclipse (among others) have already had head units like this out for several years. That said, it will be interesting to see if this ups the ante in the in-dash GPS competition. I look forward to the comparos.