Panasonic Pocket Power, Sounds Dirtier Than It Is

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The Panasonic Pocket Power fully charges itself in four hours. But then what? Now hook it up to any of your devices that charge through USB, and share some of that good old energy lovin with them. And if that isn't good enough for you, you can even take it's batteries out and use them in other devices as well.


No word on price or what type of batteries are inside, but it goes on sale in Japan on July 1st.

Panasonic Introduces the USB Pocket Power [I4U]

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To me, this suspiciously looks like it's filled with NiMH AAs, and thus the "battery" is merely a charger pod with a USB output. I suppose it's not such a bad idea, since you'd be able to upgrade the batteries inside with higher capacity AAs when they become available. Still, that's a pretty sucky recharge time for NiMHs...