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Panasonic Producing New 45nm Video Processors

Illustration for article titled Panasonic Producing New 45nm Video Processors

Panasonic just rolled out a new 45nm video processor chip, replacing the older 65nm version used in its previous products. What's this mean to you? A few impressive things, actually. The new chip boasts far less energy consumption (nearly half of its predecessor), better 1080p compression/decompression support, and the ability to process two 1080p screens simultaneously by way of the chip's multi-decoding technology.


The higher compression rate means that more compact HD signals can be blasted over a network for a better overall picture, which is good news because HD signals are already beating Galactus at Look Who's Bigger. Hopefully we'll see these chips being used in a variety of Panasonic products soon.

Press Release [Panasonic, via]

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Considering Panasonic is one of the top supporters of Plasma technology (along with pioneer) , this is probably they're answer to LCD's benefits...

i.e. less energy consumption

i was going to say better image compression, but plasmas already handle low quality sources better than mainstream LCDs...