Panasonic Says Screw LCDs, Go Plasma, Then Rubs Hands Together Greedily

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Panasonic, maker of both LCDs and Plasmas, are telling consumers to skip LCDs and go for plasma. The reasoning in the ad points to "plasma's superior contrast, color rendition, crisp motion, viewing angle and durability when compared to L.C.D. TVs."

The real reasons? LCDs have fallen in price because of large competition from cheaper manufacturers, and thus, the profit margins have also dropped. Also, Panasonic only makes LCDs up to 32-inches, and makes plasmas from 37- to 65-inches. Again, more profit for them if you buy plasmas.


What should you do? Well, if you're going for a set 40-inches or above, you're probably going to want to go plasma—whether it makes Panasonic rich or not.

Forget L.C.D.; Go for Plasma, Says Maker of Both [NYTimes]

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