Panasonic SDR-S150 SD Camcorder Has Triple Sensor, But Only MPEG-2

Panasonic is updating their flash memory based camcorder...kind of. Like its predecessor, the SDR-S100, it'll use its three chip array to individually capture red, green, and blue light. And it'll forgo the more recent MPEG-4 format for the MPEG-2 format, presumably to make DVD transfers quick and dirty. (Don't quote me on that part, please.) It also has the same image stabilizing feature, and a similar Leica lens. So what's new? It'll go for $999 instead of $1200, and it'll support SDHC— the high capacity SD memory cards that go up to 4GB. We like that, especially since MPEG-2 is hoggier than MPEG-4. A card that big will give you 3 hours and 20 minutes of recording time. According to our friends at Panasonic, it'll be ready for a US launch in September.


Panasonic SDR-S150 [Just a Gadget]

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