By no means do we mean entry-level by cost, but by specs. These TVs are part of Panasonic's Viera Link line and the three models have a 4000:1 contrast ratio. The models introduced are the the TH-50PX60 (50 inches, 1366x768 resolution), the TH-42PX60 (42 inches, 1024x768 resolution) and the TH-37PX60 (37 inches, 1024x720 resolution). These TVs start around $2,500 and go upwards of $4,500 depending on model. Upwards of 4 G's for a mediocre-at-best HDTV? Yeah we'll pass, but at least the stand looks nice.

3 new Panasonic Viera Link TV's [Akihabara]