Panasonic Washer Dryer Combo

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Washer/Dryer combos aren't anything we haven't seen before, but this one features a tilted-drum so children and the elderly can easily load and unload clothes. That is, actual elderly citizens living by themselves, not lazy middle-aged men making their parents do their laundry for them.

This machine is targeted for the Asian market, and has a heat-pump dryer so "no heater or water is used during the dry cycle." We guess that's good? We're no laundry experts. I don't even have any clean clothes left—I'm so very naked. Go go breeze-blogging!

Panasonic washing and drying machine [Appliancist]

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Yeah Enrique, it looks alot like the new style Washers out there. I had a machine that worked like this in my Prague apt. needless to say do NOT dry clothes like you're used to in the US. Due to the small drum size (to save water) you end up with a pair of jeans perfectly baked in the shape of a ring. Best to let this get the job started then hang to dry.