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Panasonic's Beginner-Friendly Lumix GF6 Brings Wi-Fi to Micro Four Thirds

Illustration for article titled Panasonics Beginner-Friendly Lumix GF6 Brings Wi-Fi to Micro Four Thirds

After last week's leak, Panasonic has officially announced its new Lumix GF6: a major overhaul to last year's GF5, which makes for an impressive-looking entry-level Micro Four Thirds camera.


The camera packs an improved 16-megapixel sensors (up from 12.1), a new processing engine to reduce noise in low-light photos, a 3-inch LCD that tilts 180 degrees upward (selfies obligatory), and a new dedicated hardware dial. Perhaps more importantly, it also packs Wi-Fi and NFC—the first time on its interchangeable lens body cameras—so you can use your mobile as a remote control and download images straight from the camera.


The camera shoots 1080i video at 60fps in AVCHD, or 1080p at 30fps in MP4. Otherwise, the camera is similar to the GF5, especially in terms of size and shape. All told, it looks like it could shape up to be a decent and (relatively) inexpensive Micro Four Thirds camera. Currently there's no official word on availability or pricing, but rumors suggest it'll cost $650, including a 14-42mm kit lens. [Panasonic via DRPreview via Verge]

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I really don't understand Micro Four Thirds. Interchangeable lenses = brilliant. But not with that dinky sensor.