Unlike the possibly (probably?) fake Cinemassive "displays", these Panoram Technologies displays actually do what they say to do—exist. In fact, they're so good, they've been used on 24 to add a bit of "dude, I have three monitors at my desk" ambiance to the set.


Panoram has two sets. The first is the PV230, which is a three monitor system with three DVI, three VGA, three S-Video, and three RCA inputs to feed into the three screensIt's all one a traditional stand, and costs you $2995 if you buy the World of Warcraft promotion edition.

The other, the PV720, is a more military-grade cabinet type setup that's 720p ready, has two inputs per screen, and is "field-deployable". Something tells us they don't use this for playing World of Warcraft.

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