Sensory Overload: CineMassive MasterPlex 21T

Looking to score some hefty multi-screen real estate? The MasterPlex 21T LCD array is an all Samsung affair, built on a 21-inch panel, flanked top and sides by five 17-inch panels. By our calculations, that's 8,473,600 pixels, which CineMassive guarantees to be dead-pixel free. Looks amazing, but the $3,299 setup smells fishy.

The setup's top center monitor clearly is smaller than the rest of the supposedly identical peripheral screens. If anything, from this perspective, it should be bigger than the other wings, unless its recessed, which seems like a bad idea. And the running cost for those monitors alone is in the $2000-$2500 dollar range, according to froogle. Does that mean the stand, which looks like the one from the 21-inch alone, is worth 800? Please, I've seen houses of playing cards that looked more sturdy. Also, the company's website makes no clear statement about what video card and slots you'll need to drive this many pixels.


Even if this is just a preview photoshop, well, I have to say, I'd never buy this much screen from a company that couldn't even get their images of future products sorted on their website.

CineMassive: If you want to clear the air, drop us a line. Otherwise, readers be warned to wait for a reputable review.

UPDATE: It's real!
Masterplex 21T [via Gadgetopia]
[Thanks W. Smith for the sagely advice]


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