Pantech Duo C810 Dual Slider Now Rocks the AT&T Casbah

Check out this hands-on video of the Pantech Duo C810, now available via AT&T just as we told you it would be. The dual-slidin' WinMo 6 phone looks a bit smaller than we thought it was (and smaller than the similar Helio Ocean), but still seems clunky and a bit thick for our tastes. But hey, what do you want for $250 with the usual two-year indentured servitude? Anyway, Eric from Phone Scoop gives us a good gawk 'n' grope of the phone from all angles, even though he could relax a bit. Overall, not a bad handset for the money with its 3G connectivity, but unfortunately there's no Wi-Fi or GPS. [Pocketnow and Wired]


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