Pantech PG-6200: Cellphone With a Fingerprint Reader

The Pantech PG-6200 has stats that, on a Friday afternoon, I can't even pretend to care about. What does make me perk up is the Pantech's fingerprint scanner that can be used for biometric security. Scan your digits to lock and unlock the phone. Sweet, eh? Stats? Oh fine. Those, and more details, after the jump.

The phone is a clamshell with a 2-megapixel camera, that can capture MPEG-4 video. The phone is EGSM, at 900MHz, and has PCS support, too. (or, more likely, that's a different model.) Not very impressive in it's support for frequencies. And yet, more:

Internal Display: 30.096 mm x 37.62 mm (1.9"), supports up to 262K colors in 176 x 220 pixels
External Display: 18.144 mm x 24.192 mm (1.2"), supports 65K colors in 96 x 128 pixels
7 lines for text in basic mode with 18-pixel font
Two programmable "Soft" selection keys; five-way scroll/selection key
Integrated UXGA (2MP) CMOS camera
Resolution up to 1600 x 1200
MPEG4 Video recording/replay up to 30 f/s (QCIF size)
MPEG4 Video maximum size QVGA
Self timer function (5 sec or 10 sec)
Phone display used as a viewfinder
Photo Gallery for image storage and editing
3 image quality options: Fine, Normal, Low
Flash light supported
Weight: 92g
Dimensions: 87.0 mm x 43.6 mm x 20.9 mm


Pantech PG-6200 [ via Mobilewack ]

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