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Pantech Slim Phone: Maglev Makes It Skinnier But Doesn't Make You Float

Illustration for article titled Pantech Slim Phone: Maglev Makes It Skinnier But Doesnt Make You Float

At 9.99mm (0.39 inches), Pantech's new slim phone is the skinniest slide-phone currently on the market, beating Samsung by 3mm. And, in a cellphone first, it's all down to Magnetic Levitation, the same technology that is used by Japan's Bullet Trains some high speed trains. The phone also sports a 1.3-megapixel camera, MP3 player and DMP (terrestrial digital multimedia broadcasting).


Using magnetic forces, Maglev enables one object to be suspended above another object and it is this that makes the phone slide. It's out next month in Korea and costs an obese $527, but expect to see it over here if it does well over there.

Magnetic Levitation Handset to Debut [The Korea Times]

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Japanese bullet trains (shinkansen) do not levitate or float. They stay put on their rails. They go very fast, but they are not Maglev based. Japanese have plans for maglev trains but none are in service yet.

The only commercial maglev trains are in Shanghai, China. These are VERY fast.

Not all fancy techno high-tech stuff are from Japan. Did you all know that automated banking machines in Japan shut down at 17H00? You're pretty scr***ed if you're without cash after that.