Parrot's New Greenthumb Gadgets Take Care of Your Plants Automatically

Parrot's ramping up its line of plant-care gadgets with two new products, which will be released later this year: Parrot Pot and Parrot H2O. They'll take care of your plants for weeks on end so you don't have to.

Parrot Pot is basically a huge vase with an outer reservoir you fill up with water. The Pot has a light sensor on the outside and a moisture and fertilizer sensor on the inside. Simply set the type of plant you're cultivating in the companion app, and the system will automatically water the plant as needed. It also provides you notifications about when you need to add more water or fertilizer.


The Parrot H2O performs a similar function but it works with plants that you've already potted yourself. It's basically a big stake you plant into the soil of your gadget. At the top is a screw for a standard water bottle.

Fill up a bottle with water, screw it into the stake and them jam it into your pot. From there the app works exactly as with the Parrot Pot, except that it's a valve instead of powered pump action that's letting water pour into your plant.


You see! Gardening doesn't need to be a lot of work at all.


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