Party On, Dudes! Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure Is Now on Netflix

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Time travel is tricky business. If done right it can be an effective narrative device, but when abused it becomes a muddled mess of questions. "Wait, he did what? When? Where? Wouldn't that change the future? I mean, the past? ARGGG." But Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure totally nails it because, in the end, the movie doesn't give a shit.


Posted up on Netflix this past Friday, Bill and Ted may not be the greatest piece of fiction involving time travel (that distinction belongs to one particular Time Lord... or possibly Dr. Emmett Brown), but it's easily the most fun. Bill and Ted travel to Ancient Greece, the Wild West, and 13th-Century Mongolia collecting a menagerie of famous figures for their high school history project. Napoleon gets way into water parks. Genghis Khan terrorizes a mall in San Dimas. Keanu Reaves plays a character other than Keanu Reaves.

But even through all its silliness and several time-travel montages, Bill and Ted still delivers a cogent message; we all have the potential to do great things, whether that's saving the world through music or just passing a high school history class. [Netflix]

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Keanu is still playing Keanu. This is the first time he played Keanu.