PC Consumes 8.5 Watts, Has No Moving Parts

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Nigerians have been so busy trying to introduce everyone on the Internet to the son of the late president of that war-torn country who needs you to help him move US$21,320,000 million out of the country, they've had little time for anything else. But instead of giving it away, someone has taken that boatload of cash and decided to put together the Solo Computer, a roughly-hewn prototype of a power-sipping PC with no moving parts that needs just 8.5 watts of solar power to run. That's a fraction of the roughly 300 watts sucked up by garden-variety PCs here in the energy-wasting First World.

The box, developed by the Nigerian Fantsuam Foundation, saves all that energy by using a 1GB flash drive for storage instead of a spinning hard disk, and it has an energy-efficient ARM processor. Oddly enough, there's the same amount of RAM as there is storage, 1GB, and it has a 14.1-inch LCD screen.

With just a gigabyte of storage, that won't need to be a color screen, because there won't be any room for graphics. All those multi-million-dollar giveaway e-mails are mostly text anyway, and we're thinking these computers might ship with the caps lock in the permanent On position. Those scams better be successful, too, because the thing costs $1200. That's a far cry from Nicholas Negroponte's $130 PC due next April.


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