Pearl Izumi: Vertex MP3 Bib Short, And How to Always Never Tip Gizmodo

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The most interesting part of this product isn't that it's a $499 piece of sportswear with integrated MP3 player. It isn't the 16 hours of music storage (about 1GB of space). And it certainly isn't those sleek integrated button controls on the quad region of your leg.

The most interesting part of this product was the sexually cryptic message that came along with the link:

I saw these bike shorts and thought of you...thanks for the great 5 min each morning with my cup of coffee.


We're flattered, really. We just don't think our lifestyle is quite as active as you'd like. We're a simple, couch-fairing folk. It's not you, or us. It's the image of ourselves in bike shorts...and maybe the product description of the 9 1/2-inch inseam...and maybe a little bit you.

Thanks? Mitchell

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