Peek Pronto: Peek Goes Push for $80

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The heavily rumored Peek Pronto has become official. The successor to the $50, one-trick-pony Peek emailer, the $80 Pronto promises full push email for up to five email accounts.


The Pronto shares the same $20 monthly plan as the original Peek, but on top of unlimited push emailing, that plan also supports unlimited text messaging. The Pronto's software is also a bit more advanced, including the ability to check out documents and PDFs, as opposed to just pictures.

The Pronto is available now, but unlike the original, it's only in black (they call it gray). [Peek]

UPDATE: Over on the Peek messageboards, one user claims that the old Peek will receive the same software soon. Consider that unconfirmed, but it seems likely enough.

UPDATE 2: Future Peek Classics will no longer have SMS.


What services does it support Push from? You can't get push from a POP3 or IMAP account, can you? I thought that was impossible?

BTW, I find that user comment about the old Peek being updated soon to be extremely unlikely wishful thinking. To the best of my knowledge, the Peek is not capable of receiving OTA firmware updates. The last time they updated it (to support SMS) the only way to get your old Peek updated was to mail it back to the company and pay them to update it for you.