Pegasus Open 50 Log: Finally, Through the Fog, a Sunset

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July 8, 9:00 PM PST This is what a sunset looks like in the middle of the ocean, from a sailboat racing from California to Hawaii.

Course 265° T, Speed 13.5 Knots, Lat 26° 03' N, Lon 135° 00' W

July 9, 2:15 AM PST
Windy tonight. On edge and don't trust the pilot on 20+ and big waves. No horizon. Been steering for 3 hours. Crusty is sound asleep. I can't believe that he trusts me!

July 9, 7:00 AM PST
Trade Winds Sailing at its Best!

Philippe Kahn founded Borland, invented the Camphone, and decodes human motion. He's also a fellow outdoorsman, splitting time skiing Tahoe and sailing in Santa Cruz. He'll share his Transpac 2009 sailing race with us live from the Pegasus Open 50. He and Richard Clarke set the race record for a double handed team in 2008 with a time of 7 days, 15 hours, 17 minutes and 50 seconds, besting all boats in overall time for that year.
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Really enjoying the posts, but please FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, turn your iPhone sideways when shooting video. Right now watching these feels like looking through a keyhole.