Peiker BlueTouchMusic: Music from Cellphone to Car via Bluetooth

You might have completely up-to-date, 2007-era gear everywhere else, but what if your car is still stuck in 1995? That's where you can hook up the Peiker BlueTouchMusic system, linking your cellphone to your car's music system via Bluetooth. It lets you wirelessly play back tunes from your cell phone with A2DP Bluetooth streaming, do some hands-free calling, check out your caller ID on its screen, and you can even talk to this thing because it has voice recognition.

Connect your iPod via a cable and it'll show you iPod menus and give you voice control over all your music. If you don't have an iPod, there's a 3.5 mm stereo jack to plug in any MP3 player. Neat stuff, and a great way to avoid those awful FM-based iPod-to-car-radio links. No pricing or availability yet.


Product Page [ALAC GmbH, via BlueTomorrow]

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