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At Gizmodo, we haven't kept up with NERF much since discovering that "playing doctor" was a much better game. But with videogames coming in at a close second (translation: definite first), NERF's foray into technology has gotten us interested again. Their new PS2 controller is both stylish and NERF-squishy.

But we ask you, is IGN talking about the new NERF controller or playing doctor?

"...the softest, but seem to have some flexible tabs buried inside to provide a bit of rigidity"


"...not too thick or spongy enough to interfere..."

"...progressed to a drop-kick and some light abuse."

"...we can imagine you could damage it if you really nailed one..."

" felt much better to hold than the usual hard-plastic..."

We just can't wait for more NERF electronics. Seriously, why is one of the best-looking pieces of tech around a 3rd party PS2 controller?

Pelican NERF PS2 Controller [IGN]

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