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Pentax has been dabbling in waterproof point-and-shoot digital cameras for a while, and now its Optio W30 is even more waterproof than its W20 predecessor. This one can be submerged to 9 feet for two hours (besting the 5 feet and 30 minutes for the W20) and still keep on clicking away.


In the specs department, its megapixelidge stays at 7.1, as does its 2.5-inch viewfinder and 3x optical zoom lens. But it adds SDHC memory card compatibility, and now even its 640x480 movies have a basic shake reduction function.


But it's that waterproof function that's the hook here, and the ability to go 9 feet deep makes a huge difference, letting you take it into most swimming pools without worrying about ruining it if it slips out of your hands. No pricing was announced yet, but it'll be less than $300.

Pentax Optio W30 [LetsGoDigital]

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