Pentax Optio W20: Underwater, But Not Too Deep

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Scuba divers look elsewhere, but this Pentax Optio 20 can get you some great-looking underwater bathing suit shots if the water is clear enough. You can take it to a depth of five feet for up to 30 minutes; no word on what happens at 31 minutes. Just don't drop it in deep water, because it doesn't float.

The W20's spec list looks fairly conventional, although its pixel count has been raised to 7 megapixels from its Optio W10 predecessor's 6 megapixels, but it still has that 2.5-inch viewfinder and face recognition autofocus. Look for it to ship in September for around $300.

Pentax Optio W20 [ Digital Photography Blog]

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I have one of these and it's FANTASTIC. Well, I have the W10, not the W20, but whatever. Who needs 7 megapixels anyway, right?

Anyway, it takes wonderful pictures and is absolutely, entirely, as

advertised, completely waterproof. I've taken it the pool, a water

park, even the ocean and it works just a great now as it ever did. I

even set it on a tripod in the pouring rain, aimed it at the sky, and

let click off one picture every 5 seconds hoping to catch a shot with

lightning in it. I never did. But, the camera was unphased by drenched.

So, yeah. A waterproof digital camera has WAY more uses than scuba diving. =)

However, underwater bathing suit shots aren't them. Yes, you can take

pictures underwater, but they all look like crap. All of them. Every

time. MAYBE, in the tropics, with PERFECTLY clear water, you'll get

something which looks like, uhm, anything at all other than a big blur,

but I can't be sure until I try.

No, this camera's purpose is much more just something that you don't

have to be afraid of damaging. I took it on a ski trip, and used it all

day to take pictures of scenery, my friends, both, etc. Often times,

I'd be holding it with a snow-covered glove without thinking twice

about doing so.

Well, whatever. I've rambled long enough. Just buy this camera. You'll thank me.