People Hate Kindle Fire So Much They're Buying Millions of Them

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It's a shame that the Kindle Fire is such a maligned and buggy horror product, because nobody is buying them, right? Actually, Amazon is selling "millions of units, and [are] building millions more to meet the high demand." Oh darn!


The release by Bezos' Book Barn marks the first mention of Fire sales numbers: "It's the bestselling product across all of Amazon for 11 straight weeks...In fact, demand is accelerating – Kindle Fire sales increased week over week for each of the past three weeks." In fact, the entire Kindle line is selling a million units every single week, with the Fire at the fore.

When we said the Kindle Fire was the iPad's first real competitor, we meant it. Numbers like this mean the Fire isn't going anywhere. [Amazon]


Can someone explain to me how it is that iOS is a "walled garden" closed system, and yet I can buy kindle and B&N on my iPad. How is kindle more open, when all I get is Amazon or at least why doesn't anyone talk about it being an awful closed environment?

People are buying this thing because it's cheap, like a disposable camera. Try it and kick it into a drawer when/if you don't like it. I'll likely try one but I have several drawers full of shit I tried but never used.

It's less then half the price but half the size. Kindle is great for reading a book but surfing the web is hard enough on a 10 inch device. Can't imagine.

I love Amazon. 90+% of my online purchases go to them. But this is a dangerous gamble. If they don't get a huge bump in content sales, it could be financially very ugly for the company. I think they need to remember what their real business is. And, by the way how much content sales can they really expect from cheap-ass buyers?