Perfectly Clear for Android: Instant Edits to Your Smartphone Snaps

Smartphone cameras have gotten so good that many people are ditching their point-and-shoots. Because of that, you can share your shots instantly, and if they're not to your liking you can make them even better right on your device with Perfectly Clear for Android

What does it do?

Lets you effortlessly edit photos on your phone using simple swipes and taps.

Why do we like it?

These days, everyone is a photographer, thanks to smartphones. But most people are pretty crappy photographers, although Perfectly Clear will help them fool the critics. You can make 10 detailed corrections like smoothing out skin, whitening teeth, and enhancing the eyes. When you're taking a snapshot there's always room for user error, but this app will fix those flubs with minimal effort.


Perfectly Clear

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The Best:

Lots of edits

The Worst:

Interface is ugly

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